Fishermens Retreat is a 5-acre exclusive fishing lake in rural Limousin for up to 4 anglers.

Good Fish, Good friends, Good Times!!

Fishermens Retreat

The 5 acre lake is situated in the Creuse, the heart of rural France. We are lucky to be in one of the most rural and scenic departments in France where life is very laid back and the only person you will bump into through the week will probably be the local farmer who will give you a happy ‘bonjour!’ The lake is within a 21 acre secured perimeter, nestled deep in a wooded valley surrounded by oak and pine trees in complete tranquillity.

At the lake you will not hear a human sound all week, the nearest road from us is nearly a mile away and you can guarantee you spend your week at one with nature at its best.

You will be almost certain to see the couple of deer that are resident on site plus plenty of other natural animals to be heard and seen including, owls, boar, kingfishers and buzzards.