Our Rules

Fishermens Retreat is a 5-acre exclusive fishing lake in rural Limousin for up to 4 anglers.


  1. No fish are to be taken off site or even out of your swim under any circumstances.
  2. 3 rods are allowed per angler, all 3 rods must be in the same swim and we recommend a maximum of 15 rods on the lake at any one time.
  3. Please keep Hygiene and cleanliness paramount.
  4. Please use the Cigerette buckets to extinguish your cigarettes and clean it out on the last day.
  5. Barbless or Micro-barbed hooks only
  6. No Leadcore, no Leaders. Rig tubing permitted at a minimum of 60cm.
  7. No carp sacks are allowed on site
  8. The bailiff would like to see all fish over 50 pounds, day or night.
  9. Only Branded and sealed particles to be used.
  10. Only use our Carp Cradles, Landing Nets and Retainer Slings on site.
  11. Rig checks are occasionally carried out for the safety of our fish.
  12. Please respect the neighbours at the house, there a 10mph maximum speed limit to and from the lake.
  13. Anglers must leave by 10am on Saturday morning and new customers must not arrive before 1pm
  14. Please don’t bully the fish, enjoy the fight.

We keep rules to a minimum, have a good time and leave the Retreat as you found it.
Tight Lines

Good Fish, Good friends, Good Times!!