The Fish

Fishermens Retreat is a 5-acre exclusive fishing lake in rural Limousin for up to 4 anglers.

The Fish

When the lake was purchased in 2007 we had to remove all the fish while the lake was left dry for a summer and we could carry out the work installing a new Monk drain and overflow.

Once this was completed it was filled back up in the winter of 2008. Over the next 9 years stock has been added every year until 2017. Each carp has more or less been selected for its scales patterns whether they were a linear, starburst or had some other uniqueness like potential growth. We have stocked some commons over the years but find these to be very slow growing compared to the mirrors.

The stock has gone up and down over the years but in 2017 we have decided to cease the over stocking of the lake and rather turn to science to grow the fish that we have on for the next two years to achieve the weights we want from our fish. We have 120 Carp to 56lb, these include commons, mirrors and grass carp. In November 2017 our stock was 35 x Thirties, 15 x Forties and 3 x Fifties, large Pike, Roach and Tench.

We are planning to construct a Stock pond in the winter of 2018. This stock pond will be stocked with 30 very scaley strained carp each year. We then plan to start stocking these fish into the Retreat in 2021. Restarting our own stocking programme with our fish is the only way forward to protect our current fish stocks and to have our own unique Fishermens Retreat strain in the future.

Our expected weight growths for our stock to be are 55 x Thirties, 35 x Forties and 15 x Fifties and 3 x Sixties by 2021. We looking forward to seeing if this is something we can achieve.

We also have 2 mandarin catfish up to 45lb that are very special and always a pleasure to see on the bank.

Good Fish, Good friends, Good Times!!